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Zone Performance Diagnostics

The BSUBAS Zone Performance Diagnostics  is an ongoing energy efficiency and maintenance support program built upon on a system of HVAC Control Equipment status monitoring. Maintenance needs are identified through continuous evaluation of zone controller functionality. If a device fails a test, the failure type is described on a dashboard using plain text.

No obscure fault codes, no confusion.

  • Running as a background application on Siemens Insight® Building Automation Systems the BSUBAS Zone Diagnostics identifies and addresses high-risk activities and configurations.
  • The Trim-and-Respond algorithm gathers valid zone requests from supervisory panels to initiate requests for additional heating, cooling, or pressure. These requests are then totalized and sent to the respective utility system (Supply Air, Exhaust Air, Chilled Water, and Heating Hot Water) control program which uses the data to make setpoint decisions. 
  • The Valid Devices Diagnostics algorithm permits only those devices which pass to initiate requests to the polling program, thereby preventing “rogue zones” from affecting any optimizations of the building’s utility systems.
  • Facilities Maintenance Staff Notification can be configured to alert Operations to the need for further investigation. The device will be held in operational quarantine until the non-optimum condition is no longer present.
  • The Troubleshooting Wizard algorithm provides comprehensive process for taking corrective action based on a failed diagnostic.. This process assists troubleshooters through the steps to ensure that each fault is addressed quickly and correctly every time.
  • Periodic snapshots of system health are provided allowing Operations the means to track improvement and changes over time.


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