System Support Manual Layout

The BSUBAS System Support Manual Layout recommendation.

  1. Introduction
    Introduces the reader to the facility. Outlines the structure, content, how to use the manual, and includes a brief outline of the various systems covered. In addition, this chapter contains a list of emergency contacts and a list of supplementary material available on the facility such as:
  2. Safety Data
    Safety hazards commonly associated with the operation of system/equipment applicable to the facility are identified and their prevention is discussed.
  3. System Overview
    • Equipment List
    • List and/or index of Drawings & Documents
    • Record Basis of Design
    • Calculations of System loads
  4. Drawings
    • General Arrangement Drawings (GA's)
    • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD's)
    • Construction Drawings and P&IDs
    • Record Drawings
    • Automation system interconnection and/or riser drawings
  5. System Completion Report
  6. Balance Reports
    • Air-Balance Report
    • Water-Balance Report
  7. Startup/Commissioning Test Plan
    • Commissioning Plan
    • Final Commissioning Report
  8. Warranty
  9. Owner Training Documentation
  10. Title 24 / LEED Documentation
  1. System Documentation (For each identified system)
    • Bill of Material (BOM) or detailed parts list with materials of construction
    • Catalog information, cut sheets, etc. of components
    • Installation Guide and O&M Manuals
    • Vendor Supplied Equipment and Detail Drawings
    • Contractor/Installer/Integrator Supplied Equipment Drawings
    • Contractor Supplied Equipment Submittals
    • Equipment Installation Checklist (Including Identification)
    • Equipment Inventory Numbers / Asset Tags
    • P&ID Tags
    • Quality Assurance Documentation (By Vendor)
    • Recommended Spare Parts List (By Vendor)
  2. Contractor/Field Test Reports
    • Site Acceptance Test (SAT) Protocols and Procedures
    • Field Test Results
    • Contractor Startup Events and Set Points Reports
  1. Instrument Index
    • Instrument List (including automated valves)
    • Instrument Location drawings
    • I/O List
  2. Instrument Submittals
    • Instrument Specifications Data Sheets
    • Installation and O&M Manuals, installation details
    • Equipment Identification Number / Asset Tags
    • Test Certificates
    • Instrument Loop Diagrams
    • Calibration Procedures
    • Control Valve Field Verification Report
    • Calibration Certifications
  3. Instrument Punchlist Record
  4. Instrument Field Functional Verification Log
  1. Submittal
    • Instrument List (including automated valve)
    • Product Data
    • Loop diagram
    • I/O list
    • Installation Guides and O&M manuals
    • Controls Diagrams
    • Wiring Diagrams
    • Component List/Installation Checklist (Including Identification)
      • Operational Parameters (will be included in data sheets)
      • Startup Documentation
      • AT & EV Box Setpoint and Programming Data
    • Recommended Spare Parts List
    • Labeling Document
    • Quality Assurance Documentation
    • System Architecture Drawing
    • Segment Drawings
  2. Operator Interface
    • Manuals
    • Automation Server Specification
  3. Control Panel
    • Control Panel Layout Drawing
    • Automation Control Panel Verification
    • P&ID Walkdown
    • Field Wiring installation Verification
    • Controlled Equipment Cable/Wiring Checklist
    • Control Panel Installation Verification Report
    • Panel Wiring Diagram
  4. Software Submittal
    • Software Development / Programming Standards
    • Software Design Description (SDD) (or Control Logic Flow diagrams, if applicable), Software configuration documentation , Ladder diagrams and/or logic flow diagrams
    • Design Review of SDD vs. Actual Software
    • Operator Display Description including Screen Prints
    • Alarm and interlock list
    • Proposed Test Plan
    • Executed Test Plan, Software Test Protocols
    • Description of Program Structure
    • Final Hard Copy of Program and Installation / Configuration Instructions
    • Final Soft Copy of Source Code and Installation Files
    • OEM Software Licenses and Original Disks / CD ROM & Manuals
    • Functional Specification, Functional requirements specifications (FRS)
    • Hardware Design Description, Hardware configuration diagrams
    • Security System Specification
    • User Accounts and Passwords
  5. Control Checkout
    • Loop Check Report
    • Field Power Source Report
    • Input/Output Report
    • Field Wiring Verifcation
    • Hardware / Instrument Installation Verification
    • Calibration Verification
    • Analog Loop Verification
    • Controller
    • Control system inter-processor communication list
    • Automation I/O Check
    • HMI to Instrument Loop Verification
    • Instrument Functional Test
    • Software Installation Verification
  6. Sequence of Operation
    • Sequence of Operation
    • Sequence of Operation Testing Procedure
    • Sequence of Operation Test Report - Executed
  7. Operating Procedures
    • Controls/Start-up/Shutdown/Emergency Over-Ride/Seasonal Changeover:
      • Operating instructions include equipment configurations for each mode of operation, such as valve positions, control settings, intended operating strategies, and break-in procedures.
  8. CQ Documentation
  9. Control Systems Punchlist Record


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