System Level Operations and Maintenance Manual Development

The BSUBAS System Level Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals developed in a modular, building block style, to simplify the incorporation of new/additional data, such as design/configuration changes, and to reflect as-built conditions. 

BSUBAS recommends four definitive technical content components as part of the O&M. 

Description - System-Level

  • Description of the system and its purpose, how it operates, and any interfaces it may have including the overall system design criteria and requirements such as flow, pressure, temperature, capacity, power requirements, etc.

Operating Procedures

  • Operating instructions include equipment configurations for each mode of operation (Start-up, Shutdown, Automatic Demand Response, Emergency Over-Ride, Power Grid loss, Seasonal Changeover, etc.). This should include expected mechanical responses (valve and damper positions), control settings, and the intended operating strategies.

Problems and Solutions – Troubleshooting Guide

  • System-level troubleshooting tables guide maintenance personnel. BSUBAS recommends that this is approached by fault tree analysis in a sequential, step-by-step isolation of a system problem to identify faulty equipment. Typical malfunctions, tests, or inspections, and corrective actions or recommendations to correct malfunctions are included.

Preventive (Planned) Maintenance (PM) – Procedures and Intervals

  • Inclusion of the maintenance tasks for the equipment that comprises the system. Preventive and corrective maintenance are discussed. Scheduled intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) are determined and assigned to PM tasks to maximize system uptime with a target to reducing corrective maintenance tasks.

BSUBAS feels that it is important to note that a system level O&M does not replace manufacturers' documentation for specific pieces of equipment, but rather supplements those publications and guides their use. 

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