Operations Change Control

The BSUBAS Facilities Automation BAS BMS Subject Matter Expert (SME) automation systems operational change control support and review with focus on system boundaries and the impacts of software and hardware changes on the operational parameters within that system as well as related automation systems.

The BSUBAS SME provides assistance in the review, enforcement and compliance of Standard Operating Procedures, Good Engineering Practices and Master Specifications ensuring that all client system operational expectations are maintained.

BSUBAS Change Control service will provide a generally accepted good practice change control activities which we define as:

  • No execution of changes prior to the notification and official consent by the Automation System Owner and the associated Business Unit.
  • No execution of changes without prior assessment of potential impact on system operations, parameters, and sequences of operations. This would include an expanded assessment to included networks and data exchange systems.
  • Prior review and any possible factory, simulated or virtual testing, including the use of test scripts, of proposed changes.
  • Formal procedure for proposal, assessment, definition of accompanying measures, method of implementation and change roll-back, approval and follow-up of each change.
  • Full documentation of change control procedure.
  • Evaluation of the success after the execution of a change.

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