Leveraged Testing Analysis

Due to the nature of the building automation systems there is often an alternate methodology for achieving a validated status. While many systems can be directly qualified, some impact systems, utility systems, and non-impact systems that interact with qualified zones are commissioned and/or tested by segmented means (testing portions of a system independent of interconnections).

The BSUBAS BAS Subject Matter Expert (SME) provides Leveraged Analysis BSUBAS review comparing specified requirements are captured in the Test Plan, the Test Protocols and the Qualification tests to existing commissioning and acceptance testing.

  • Automation Systems that have been commissioned but not validated will be reviewed to ensure that the commissioning may be leveraged in whole or in part as part of the impact system validation.
  • Basic test records are reviewed to ensure a verifiable test action and test result can be established. The results will be reported as Verifiable Commissioning in the case where the system boundary definitions, the associated risk assessments and the Commissioning test protocols align to documentary standards.
  • Gaps and deviations will be reported for corrective actions.

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