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Field Conditions Assessment

The BSUBAS Field Conditions Assessment is integral to regulatory, business unit, and pre-construction activities. Coordinating with existing architectural, mechanical, electrical and available automation documentation as references.  The result of the BSUBAS Field Conditions Assessment are;

  • Identify Automation Control Station panel installation. Confirm the is panel labeled. Report any issues with the panel (doors, locks, damage).
  • Identify room, or similar, location
  • Report any physical interference with the panel or any concerns about clearance or code issues.
  • Inspect for any concerns with moisture or high heat exposure of the panel or any personnel hazards
  • Report on the general condition of the wiring.
  • Assess wire labeling and identification. Compare to Client requirements
  • Ensure utility breakers are identified.
  • Confirm the installation meets code and client requirements (e.g. any wire nuts used in panel, do all field wires land on terminal strips)

All results are submitted in a Turn-Over Package with existing documentation annotated in as-found conditions, areas of concern and recommendations are highlighted. Any immediate hazards discovered during inspection result in immediate client notification.

Formal presentations of findings and recommendations are available at client preference.

Service Provided by BSUBAS

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