Document Control Coordination

The BSUBAS Document Control Coordinator works with either the Construction Team and/or Client’s records management staff, systems and protocols.  Coordinating and tracking documents and drawings that are requested by operations and project teams ensures minimal error and disruption costs.

BSUBAS coordinates with Construction and Vendor team to assign and enter record documents into Client Engineering Records providing a clear path to meet Client Turn Over Package requirements.

Available documents and drawings are recorded (with documentation gaps noted) and provided as required to project managers, general contractors, automation vendors and maintenance personnel.

Outgoing documents which are expected to be modified are tagged with an expected “due date” at which time BSUBAS will follow up with the appropriate entity as to the status of the documents and any changes recorded. 

Incoming documents are reviewed for basic client requirements (document numbers and titles, submittal formats, revision identifiers) before being returned to the client engineering record management system as current and active documents.

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    Document Control Coordination SME Support