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Configuration and Programming Review

The BSUBAS Configuration and Programming Review analyzes all existing Automation Control Station software and configuration setting specifically to uncover dead or abandoned code, conflicting code, devices controlled by multiple Automation Control Stations, internal (navigation) and external GUI links, dead or abandoned graphics. Once remediated Building Automation Systems operate more efficiently without unexpected events occurring.  The results of the BSUBAS Configuration and Programming Review are;

  • Code assessment review to identify any unresolved lines of or instances of dead code.
  • Review for conflicting controller code or devices controlled by multiple controllers
  • Assess controller performance, capacity, scan times and available resources.
  • Record the names and number of programs in automation control panel.
  • Identify any zones or events that are scheduled. Identify any conflicting schedules or schedules that do not change state.
  • Identify the number of graphics existing, report on any abandoned graphics.
  • Identify any dead internal, external or navigational links or any graphics displaying non-existent points.
  • Determine if graphics are consistent and meet client standards.

 All results are submitted in a Turn-Over Package with existing documentation annotated in as-found conditions, areas of concern and recommendations are highlighted. Any immediate hazards discovered during inspection result in immediate client notification.

Formal presentations of findings and recommendations are available at client preference.

Service Provided by BSUBAS

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