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Change Control Coordination

The driving idea behind effective Change Control processes focuses on managing change to prevent unintended consequences.

The BSUBAS Change Control Coordinator works with the Client Quality Unit, Automation Systems Owner, Facilities Operations and Automation Systems Vendors, to the increased effectiveness of change control activities, implementation of Change Control strategies at the beginning of Project design phases results in quality centered planning and control of revisions to Automation Systems.

In Construction Change Control Coordination between the various automation systems (particularly system-to-system changes impacting multiple vendors), network, data exchange, data base, historian and data archival systems allow for smooth integration of construction changes into the Client portfolio. 

In Operations Automation System Change Control methods, particularly the key elements around facility parameters and sequences of operation supporting the business unit occupants. are implemented in a way that encourages change towards continual improvement as the knowledge gained by the Automation Systems Operations Teams during facilities operation.

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    Change Control Coordination SME