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Change Control Analysis

Most building automation platforms do not automatically maintain a revision control or revision numbering methodology. Additionally most modifications on building automation systems are done “live” with modifications conducted on operational systems rather that factory tested revisions. As a result it is very possible for a building automation system to operate out of change control compliance. At BSUBAS we recommend regular analysis of the change control records on the building automation systems.

The BSUBAS BAS Subject Matter Expert (SME) provides Change Control review comparing;

  • Archived software v. Operational Software code review
  • Existing Conditions field level assessment results compared to the as-built documentation and drawings.
  • Sequences of Operation extended to Operational Qualification items, particularly power fail and recovery functions.
  • Deviations in GUI and Notifications, especially HMI data displays and alarm notifications.
  • Any deviations found are reported for corrective actions.

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      BAS Automation Subject Matter Expert Support