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California Title 24

The BSUBAS BAS Subject Matter Expert (SME) supports the California Title 24 requirements. The BSUBAS SME works with the complete construction team in implementing Title 24 strategies across all facilities contractors and automation equipment vendor ensuring Title 24 Compliance.

  • Building Commissioning (Section 120.8)
  • Demand Control Ventilation (Section 120.1c)
  • Shutoff/Reset (Section 120.2e)
  • Ventilation Dampers (Section 120.2f)
  • Isolation Devices (Section 120.2g)
  • Demand Shedding (Section 120.2h)
  • Economizer Controls and Fault Detection (Section 120.2i)
  • Supply Temperature Reset Strategies (Section 140.4f)
  • Hydronic System Considerations (Section 140.4k)
  • Lighting Controls (Section 130.1)

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      BAS Automation Subject Matter Expert Support