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Building Automation System Failure Analysis

The BSUBAS Building Automation System Failure Analysis is key in determining the root cause of facilities automation systems failures encompassing a series of tests to identify and provide corrective actions in the case of system failures or non-optimum performance. The BSUBAS Building Automation System BAS BMS Failure Analysis uses standard Fault Assessment methods including FTA (Fault Tree Analysis), FMEA (Failure Modes Effects Analysis), RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and others as appropriate to the specific situation.

Failed Device Assessment

  • Identify any automation panels that are failed or in non-optimum performance
  • Identify any failed equipment controllers
  • Record any other failed field connected devices
  • Determine the existence of any failed points

Configuration Errors Assessment

  • Alarm configurations
    • “Chattering Alarms”
  • “Missed” Alarms root cause analysis
  • Lost data and Trending failures
  • Dead code / code errors review

All results are submitted in a Findings Report package with  areas of concern and recommendations highlighted. Any immediate hazards discovered during inspection result in immediate client notification.

Formal presentations of findings and recommendations are available at client preference.

Hosted Fault Tree Analysis sessions are available.

Service Provided by BSUBAS

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