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Building Automation System Document Review

The BSUBAS Building Automation System Document Review is an integral part of pre-construction, regulatory filing submission and on-going operational support. The review is conducted by a BAS Subject Matter Expert in conjunction with client document control and facilities Operations staff. The components examine the existence of drawings and documents generally required to construct and operate high value facilities.


Review the existing system drawings and perform a gap assessment by automation controller.

  • Determine what drawings exist and the status of the drawing (e.g. As-built, red-line, IFC, shop drawings)
  • Recommended drawings per system:
    • System Riser Diagrams
    • P&ID and Single Line Diagrams
    • Loop Drawings and Wiring Schematics
    • Control and Field Panel Layout Drawings with Bill of Materials
    • Electrical Power Distribution Drawings

 Design and Requirements Documentation

Review the base design and requirements documentation and perform a gap assessment against the installed automation system by hardware and performance

  • User Requirements Specification (URS)
  • Functional Requirements Specification (FS or FRS)
  • Hardware Design Specification (HDS)
  • Software Design Specification (SDS)
  • Sequence of Operations (SOO) and associated Logic Flow Diagram
  • Automation Commissioning Plan (ACxP)

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BAS Automation Subject Matter Expert Support