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Building Automation Equipment Assessment

The BSUBAS Building Automation Equipment Assessment is deep dive investigation into the existing Building Automation System. A vital planning tool for any upgrades or tenant improvement projects, a regular assessment protocol helps maintain operational efficiency.  The results of the BSUBAS Building Automation Equipment Assessment are;


  • Detailed documentation of all individual Automation Control Stations by manufacturer and model cross-referenced to the Automation Control Station name, system id and network addressing.
  • Identification of any Automation Control Stations that are obsolete or nearing the end of manufacturer's support.
  • Report on all firmware revisions or feature licenses identifying any not on the latest revisions.
  • Record Automation Control Stations communications methods and network configuration.
  • Determine the free memory and conduct a performance and operational capacity assessment.

All results are submitted in a Turn-Over Package with existing documentation annotated in as-found conditions, areas of concern and recommendations are highlighted. Any immediate hazards discovered during inspection result in immediate client notification.

Formal presentations of findings and recommendations are available at client preference.

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