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Assessment of Trends and Reports

The BSUBAS Assessment of Trends and Reports analyses the automatic Trending and Reporting functions configured in the existing Building Automation System. Such Trends and Reports are vital tools for Energy Mangers and Facilities Operation. Over time many such configurations can reside within the Automation Control Station negatively impacting performance.  The results of the BSUBAS Assessment of Trends and Reports are;

  • A complete listing of all configured trends and reports cross-referenced by data collection points and impacted business units.
  • Determine how often are the trends collected, recommending any changes in collection methods (Time Increment or Change of Value).
  • Confirm trended points are appropriately configured to be trended and reported to meet business unit requirements.
  • Investigate for any points with have more than one trend definition.
  • Define trend data storage archive configurations along with a secondary trend data integration , ensuring that trend data storage is aligned with retention requirements.
  • Confirm there are no trend data losses
  • Identify any conditional trending
  • Report any external trend exporting (database historian, enterprise systems, quality or regulatory systems)
  • Identify business units and individuals who are configured to receive reports and in what manner (print to screen, save to file, email). Provide client cross-references to confirm reports are correctly distributed.
  • Highlight trends and reports that appear to be no longer required.
  • List how often are the reports scheduled and identify unscheduled reports
  • Identify reports run by advance graphic links

 All results are submitted in a Turn-Over Package with existing documentation annotated in as-found conditions, areas of concern and recommendations are highlighted. Any immediate hazards discovered during inspection result in immediate client notification.

Formal presentations of findings and recommendations are available at client preference.

Service Provided by BSUBAS

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